England Football Taco.


England Football Taco.

I’ve started a new blog: Football Crests With Tacos.

I’ve started a new blog: Football Crests With Tacos.

Skin For A Canvas - Ground Zero from Daniel Callis on Vimeo.

Check out Skin For A Canvas' latest music video for the song 'Ground Zero', shot by myself at St. Hubert's Church in Idsworth.

Some stills from the Skin For A Canvas video shoot a few weekends back at St. Hubert’s Church in Idsworth.

A little promo video I did for Victorian Festival of Christmas 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Have a good Christmas, all the bloody best…

Here’s a sampler of a wedding I assisted Bride & Zoom with back in September…

Dutch Criminal Record (Live @ Wedgewood Rooms - Showcase Final 2013)

Victorious Festival 2013 promotional video featuring a few shots by myself. Produced by Igloo Films.

New video for Tricorn shot by Artcut and edited by yours truly.

The Underground Pilots (Live @ Wedgewood Rooms - Showcase Final 2013)

Jesse Wyldes and the Stallions - Tentacles (Live @ Wedgewood Rooms - Showcase Final 2013)

Shotaway - Peace in Paris (Live @ Wedgewood Rooms - Showcase Final 2013)

New work now online - a video adaption of Josephine Shaker's 'Horny Devil' live performance act. Quite different to any video I've ever been involved with before and includes some tap dancing. Take a look…

Victorious Festival Pt. 10: Out and about at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Victorious Pt. 9: Out and about at the Stalls.